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Self-defense and Justification Under Arizona law

If you become involved in a situation where you have used physical force or deadly physical force to protect yourself or another person, contact an attorney immediately.

Or better yet, contact Mr. Marovich about the benefits of establishing an attorney-client relationship from the moment that you decide to carry or keep a firearm for self-defense.

Knowing whether to use a firearm in defense of yourself or in defense of another is not an easy questions to answer.  When a threat to you or to a loved one of serious physical injury is imminent and you have only seconds to make a decision, you likely will feel alone.  But if forced to use deadly force, you should not try deal with the aftermath alone.  Arizona law provides protection to a person who uses deadly force in self-defense or in defense of others.

Most defense attorneys will agree that you should immediately seek advice and representation from an attorney before making any statement to law enforcement.  In fact, recent court decisions have held that in some circumstances even silence before arrest can be used against you at your trial.


Generally, self-defense means the use of force to protect oneself, one’s family, or one’s property from a real or threatened attacked.









In Arizona, a person is justified in threatening or using physical force against another when and to the extent a reasonable person would believe that physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other person’s use or attempted use of unlawful physical force.






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